About Christina

> Full Name: Christina Victoria Grimmie
> Born: March 12, 1994
> Occupation: Song Writer
> Mother: Tina Grimmie
> Father: Albert Grimmie
> Brother: Mark Grimmie

What Happened?

Christina was shot while signing autographs after a concert in the city on Friday night (10th June) following from her performance with Before You Exit at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando police chief John Mina said the gunman who shot Christina, was 26-year-old Kevin James Loibl, who came from the city of St Petersburg in Florida to confront her.

Mr Mina said Loibl did not seem to know her personally but speculated that he may have been a deranged fan.

How did Christina pass away?

Police say Liobl carried two handguns and a hunting knife and despite not knowing the singer personally, he had every intention of committing the crime.

After a struggle with the Christina’s brother Mark, Loibl had shot himself dead.

Christina was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in a critical condition; she died on June 11


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On behalf of all the team at ChristinaGrimmie.eu & ChristinaGrimmie.org

we're extremely upset to hear that Christina Grimmie passed away shortly after the shooting that happened in Orlando.

Having worked closely with Christina, as her fan site based account manager, she will be dearly missed.

It was a honor and privilege to have been on that journey to make her dreams into reality.

The amount of support has been incredible across the globe. I want to take this opportunity to thank:

Christina's Family ;

Tina, Albert & Marcus Grimmie for all their support in bringing up Christina to where she reached.

Fans & Friends ;

Who have supported Christina all the way, right from her YouTube apperance, through to performing at concerts and touring.

Brian Teefey at LH7 Management ;

Christina would never stop talking about Brian's support & likewise Brian always supported her in achieving her musical dreams.

x We will miss you Christina and love you always. x

- ChristinaGrimmie.eu & ChristinaGrimmie.org Team